Road To Success

“Road to Success by Mira” is the Positive Mindset and Inspiration Podcast for everyone who wants to be inspired by successful and unique personalities. Whether it’s an influencer, an athlete or an entrepreneur: Mira wants to know from her interlocutors how they achieved success, what makes them unique and how they keep on developing themselves. With her podcast, the power woman wants to motivate, inspire and help others along their way. As inspiration has never been more needed than now. Think big!

The first season of “Road To Success” will be launched very soon with six very exciting personalities from different fields. Stay tuned to hear more about their unique “Road To Success”.

Road To Success is a project that comes from my heart. I believe that all people should give a positive service to the world. My service is this podcast. I believe that everything starts with a positive mindset. With my new podcast I want to show people the importance of the right mindset as well as shed a light behind the stories and paths of successful people. What I realized many successful people have in common is a strong and positive mindset. You are what you think!

Sponsored By Vejo

Vejo is the official partner of Road To Success’s first season.

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